How to Make More Sales Using Email Marketing With Ben Settle


If you’d like to sell more using email marketing, you’ll love today’s episode.

Even though people like to look for the latest social media hacks to gather more engagement, let me tell you this:

Email sells at least five times more than any social media platform!

So if you care about making sales and building a genuine relationship with your audience, you can’t go wrong using emails.

And today, Ben Settle joins me on this episode. Ben is what he calls himself an Email Supremacist and an awesome copywriter endorsed by the greatest copywriters and top-marketers like Gary Bencivenga, Brian Kurtz, David Deutsch, Bob Bly (just to mention a few of them).

He’s been writing daily emails for way over a decade, and today, he’s willing to unveil some of his practices that allowed him to run a 7 figure business by simply sending emails.

Here’s some of what you’ll discover:

– How Ben built a 7 figure empire as a one-man band talking about the same topic for over 12+ years (and established himself as an unmatched leader in his market)

– How to literally turn garbage into an email

– The “secret” behind Ben’s Creative routine that allows him to come up with endless daily email ideas… (and way more than he can humanly pour out!) – How to avoid people getting annoyed by your daily emails

– Why worrying about SPAM complaints is a waste of time and energy

– The shameless rule Ben uses to make sales almost every day out of short 300 words emails

– How to avoid “product blindness” when pitching the same offer to your list every day

– The one hack to start emailing daily (and keep the habit going…)

– The powerful concept Ben applies to his daily emails (borrowed by one of America’s most successful advertising geniuses who died even BEFORE email was invented)

– The simple reason why you’re doing your list (and your bank account) a HUGE disfavor if you don’t email daily.

– The easiest way to NOT send an email per day and why continuing doing this is nothing else than deliberately missing out on daily sales (it’s also the fastest path to literally get “disgusted” by sending emails)

– True story: Why tracking emails may be the stupidest thing you can do and also the best way to lose money on purpose. (Triggered by his astonishing experience with a supplement company)

– How most autoresponder companies harm your daily emailing practices (making you leave money on the table by simply… continuing using them!)

– And much more…


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